2014-2015 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Grants

2014 - 2015 Recipients of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Grants





William Henderson

10 Vernier LabQuest2

Kaitlyn Knott

Water distiller & 3 electronic balances for science lab for chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Biology, Honors Biology etc. classes

Patricia Fox

Ear and Muscle Models- Honors Anatomy, Physiology, biology, etc classes

Tracy Copley

Eye and sarcomere models for Honors Anatomy, Physioogy, biology classes

Matt Brame

Rapid Prototyping and Creative Problem Solving equipment- NextEngine scanning system for Drafting, Manufacturing and Engineering courses

Jill Barker & Roger Copenhaver

Analytical Equipment for AP Chemistry and Honors Chemistry- 3 Ohaus series analytical balance sonors Chemistry

Jill Saylor, Kim Riordan & Andy Huff

Biotechnology equipment: DNA Electrophoresis Systems, Mini-pipettors, Pipet pumps, thermolyne hotplate, Ohaus Pro Electronic Balances

Susan Saylor, Dlemar Arnold Tracy Sawer, Debra Kaiser, Phillip Finfrock, Rebecca Hall, Joll Saylor, Shara Finley, Thomas Carney, Victoria Kelsey, Laura Stulga, Craig Bodenschatz, Joel Elmquist John Minteer

Water Quality project, continued from 2013-14: Labquest2, ph sensors, spectrometer, nitrate electrode calcium electrode, ammonium electrode, chloride electrode potassium electrode