Funding Innovative Educational Experiences that Foster Student Achievement.

The Foundation’s Classroom Grant Program has offered teachers a resource to fund programs, equipment and projects that might not have been possible without a FCEF Classroom Grant. The Foundation has awarded grants totaling over $350,000, but the requests have totaled well over $1,500,000.

In addition to Classroom Grants, the Foundation has worked to increase the Scholarship Endowment Fund. Each year we see increased costs for a college education or technical training. This past year the Foundation presented 90 scholarships to seniors from all three county high schools.

 Our Board of Directors and Administration

The Foundation is administered by an independent Board of Directors composed of
parents, school administrators and community leaders.

Lorri Iden, President

Carolyn Williams, 1st Vice President

Kate Mullen, Treasurer/Secretary

Mary Nordman, Executive Director

                                                                   James  Angelo                                                      Kristen Anderson                                                                           

                                                                    Kate Chappell                                                   George Hummer 

                                                                   Daniel  Snapp                                                      Christie Jett                         

                                 Mark Stivers                                       Melissa Youngblood

                                                                                                     Dena Kent, In Memoriam

“Statement of Expectation”

The goal of the Board of Directors of the Foundation is to fund programs that enable innovative educational experiences for the students of Frederick County Public Schools.  When we meet as a Board we do so without regard to our personal, political and religious philosophies.  Our focus should be on the mission of the Foundation and its steady growth.

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